There is a lot of exciting and legitimate hype coming out about NFTs and most of it seems to favour finally getting artists paid appropriately for their work and protecting the copyright to those creations.

I have been a long-time proponent of The Basic Income for everyone, tied to the variables of the basic living standards of the times. Most artists, musicians, poets, and writers can eke out a livelihood despite the formidable challenges of never really knowing when that next sale of work will come from or how to survive while working on new material. The fact is, that in the art of self-employment there is little to no unemployment insurance possible to fall back on in between jobs and yet the bills keep coming due. There are no earned pensionable funds accumulated over a lifetime of creative work and generally speaking, you have to rely on the support of the public's ever-changing support for transient fads and industry-created hype of one sort or another.

The reality of the vast array of social programs and support systems out there is that they cost more to administer than a single Basic Income would require to distribute funds fairly to all.

There is often a lot of noise made about who would pay for such an idealistic notion of a basic income for all and yet somehow, over the years as companies have streamlined and become more efficient through robots and machines, local economies have just quietly disappeared, like the dollars that employees used to spread throughout the community. Robots simply put, don't shop, yet they generate a vast income and never pay their fair share of income tax like the rest of us, on their earnings. Those disappearing dollars need to come back to the community and such a robot/machine income tax would support a Basic Income for all with no need to raise personal income taxes at all. Businesses, people and communities would thrive on the extra fluidity of such a capital infusion thus providing a fair shake for everyone.

So, with that little rant as an entre to the artists' primordial lament, I am pleased to begin presenting a catalogue of unique one-off creations of mine in the form of signed NFTs, a concept that is quickly becoming a popular way for patrons of the arts to acquire and support the new work coming out of this next millennium of creative possibilities.

Indeed, the prices are wild and varied as they always are in the arts, we all remember how a single three stripes on canvas was purchased by the National Gallery in Ottawa for over a million dollars, recently we were astonished when 5,000 of Beeples' last works were sold in a jpg format poster of thumbnails for $69 million, or how a blocky gif animation was seen to go for over $125,000 - yes it's crazy and yes the wild west seems never to have been so preganant with possibilities! But it so good, as each piece, digital or otherwise is now assessed for its worth and potential re-sale and ongoing evaluation as these works become permanent digital artifacts of the future! The bonus is an ongoing royalty is paid back to the artists each time it is re-evaluiated and re-sold.

I hope you will return here to seek out and explore more of my one-offs, selected from a personal archive of old and ongoing new work.


'A Visual Breakfast Reading' available as an NFT on - See Details

'When Worlds Collide' available as an NFT on - See Details

'Old Man with a Cow' available as an NFT on - See Details

'Genetic Highrise' available as an NFT on - See Details

'Portrait of a Mindstone' available as an NFT on - See Details

'Tranquility Transit Pod' available as an NFT on - See Details

'ALPHA Alien Font' available as an NFT on - See Details

'Appliant Avatar' available as an NFT on - See Details

'Aztech Singing Cup' - SOLD! as an NFT on

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