The Cosmic Sky Continuum
Copyright 2014 Paul Ralph Marcano

This album is a bit of a milestone for me... or is that
a mindstone? The Cosmic Sky Continuum is a
collection of new and early songs expressing a continuum,
of themes that encapsulate over four decades of recording
my original songs and music. From those early reel to reel days
of the Sony TC630 (that my ever-supportive wife of 42 years
bought me in 1971) to today's astounding digital recording
software, this is 'approximately' my 50th album arising out of
a very prolific year of music as 2014 draws to a close.

Over the time of creating this album I felt the loss of a dear
friend in Michael McCarthy (Cosmic Sky) and one of my oldest
friends, Peter Daoust who I met in high school while he was
teaching me marketing and with whom I shared an abiding lifelong
awareness and influences extraordinaire! Sadly one of my other best
friends Cory (Michael Mloszewski) from the studio band days of
LightDreams, all too young as he was, also "spiraled on up through
soft atmospheric dreams". It is to these individuals and of course
my lifelong sweetheart "Catherine the Great" that I dedicate this
special 'mindstone' album of my songs and music.

Special thanks to Dave Jacquest for contributing parts of his song
"Joy Joy" which we merged with lyrics from my first recorded song
"As my Consciousness Unfolds" and to Diane Daoust (Bracegirdle),
Peter's sister for her impromtu piano contribution on "Never Saw it
Coming". Finally, to Jerzy Star who inspired Fernandez through our
online eJamming.

Back to my VR Future!

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