Atmospheric Dreams*
Copyright 1981 Paul Marcano and Cory Rhyon AKA Jan Michael Mloszewski

My Spirit Soars
on a summer breeze
My imagination takes me
far above the trees
above the trees

And then as if in a dream
I'm caught up there
high above the clouds without a care
and then as if in a dream
I am blown away
out beyond the earth in a single day.....

I'm floating free floating free of the confines
of my everyday conceptual world
How can this be I feel so free.............................

And it's alright by me I feel ok
I wouldn't miss this trip for the world today......
And it's alright by me cause I've done it before
climbed the stairs and dropped out through the floor

To disappear amongst the shadows
leave my dream behind
to find all worlds dissolving endlessly before me
into infinity

Nothingness surrounds me here and now......
And it's this feeling of bliss when I'm gone in the end
The kind of space I'd like to show a friend
But when I'm back with my two feet on the ground
The words I speak just seem to go round and round.

Everybody seems to like to find their own way home
And that's alright by me I see it's got to be...
the way
we go..........................
and it feels alright.

.... Instrumental transition to Atmospheric Dreams...

In fondest memory of Jan Michael Mloszewski
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